Here’s My Story

Elizabeth and her little man cub

My name is Elizabeth, and I was raised on an Ohio vegetable farm started by my grandpa. 

We were farming organic before it was mainstream. Rich compost – and not man-made fertilizers and pesticides – is the reason why my family is still able to source safe and delicious kale, beets, leaks, and eggs to restaurants around the state. 

After college, I left the farm (and Ohio winters) behind to earn an MS in Environmental Science in southern California.  Then I started a family. 

While my family in Ohio still composts at scale to nurture their acres of veggies, my own composting is now a much more modest backyard affair.

Whether it’s for my garden of tomatoes, asparagus, and strawberries, or for teaching my son the importance of nurturing nature, compost is still a big part of my life.

And there’s a lot to know about it. There’s the science of it, of course, and there’s also the technical knowledge around different methods, bin and tumbler design, starters, worms, teas, and a whole world more.

The goal of this site is to give you everything that you need to nourish your garden, reduce your food waste, and help you show your kids that there is great value in cultivating nature through self-sustainability. 

From my family to yours: let’s do something extraordinary together.