Top 5 Best Garden Cart Models on the Market in 2021

Top 5 Best Garden Cart Models on the Market in 2021

Gardening is a remarkably beautiful hobby, but it can be quite demanding. You need the right tools, quite a bit of patience, and enough time to care for your garden. Lacking either can make any task into a very challenging chore.

However, there are ways to lighten the load, especially if you focus on what you can do, as opposed to all the elements that you can’t change. One of the finest investments any gardener can afford is buying a good garden cart.

Basically, these useful carts will help you transport your pots, seeds, fertilizer, other tools, as well as pieces of wood for any woodworking project you may want to get done in your garden.

Choosing the best garden cart is certainly not easy. That’s why we’ve handpicked the 5 most versatile, sturdiest, and most valuable models. Let’s take it from the top:

1. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Let’s start off our review of the best garden cart models with the collapsible folding utility wagon from Mac Sports. It’s easily among the sturdiest and most durable models on the list, but it’s also one of the most dependable and reliable wagons a gardener can have.

The only cart among the 5 we’ve covered that’s bigger than this one is YSSOA’s Rolling Collapsible Garden Cart. It’s got enough space for anything from compost, to basic tools, to roughly 150 pounds of soil.

The Mac Sports Garden Wagon is made of robust 600D fabric material that’s resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light. Furthermore, it’s minimally demanding in terms of maintenance.

Despite its spacious cargo compartment, its foldable design makes it really practical. The wagon can fold down to a mere eight inches in thickness. One of the most notable features is that this cart is outfitted with a fully adjustable handle that offers a grip made of firm plastic material.


  • Dimensions: 35.5 inches by 20.2 inches by 22.5 inches; 22.50 pounds
  • Colors: Black, Camo, Green, Pink, Red, Solid Blue


  • Exceptionally robust 600D fabric construction
  • Fully adjustable handle
  • Remarkably spacious
  • Side cup holders
  • Foldable design


  • Its wheels aren’t made for rough terrain
  • When folded, the wagon can’t be placed in an upright position

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All things considered, Mac Sports’ Collapsible Utility Wagon is a phenomenal choice for gardeners who are looking for a long-term hauling solution. It’s sturdy and can withstand heavier loads with ease while being simple to clean and maintain. You may want to upgrade the wheels and hardware, though.

2. Portal Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon 

Next up we have Portal’s Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon. To be perfectly frank, it resembles the Mac Sports model in more ways than one, but it’s a completely different beast as far as features and practicality go.

It has a different folding mechanism, although the basic principle is mostly the same. The main difference between the two is that Portal’s wagon can be placed upright when folded. On the downside, it’s slightly smaller and flimsier. It’s heavier by just over a pound.

The material that comprises Portal’s Collapsible Wagon isn’t as sturdy as Mac Sports’ 600D fabric, but on the upside, it’s removable and much simpler to clean. This garden cart sports a handle with customizable height that has an intuitive (and practical) head.

Another huge benefit this garden cart has to offer is outstanding weight capacity. It can support up to 225 pounds of weight, which is nearly twice as much when compared to an average garden or utility cart.

Finally, this cart is outfitted with four threaded wheels that are better suited for rocky terrains and uneven surfaces.


  • Dimensions: 30.3 inches by 12.2 inches by 9.05 inches; 23 pounds
  • Colors: Gray, Dark Gray, Gray/Blue


  • Great supportive capacity
  • Durable and removable fabric
  • Intuitive handle design
  • Good hardware
  • All-terrain wheels


  • Poor maneuverability around tight corners
  • Not exactly stair-friendly

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Overall, Portal’s Collapsible Utility Wagon is ideal for people who want to use it for other purposes as well, like grocery shopping or transporting firewood. Its all-terrain wheels can easily handle rocks and mud puddles, although they’re small and don’t fare as well with stairs.

3. Whitsunday Collapsible Folding Garden Outdoor Park Utility Wagon

If you’re searching for a lightweight garden cart, look no further than Whitsunday’s Collapsible Utility Wagon. It’s just slightly smaller than our previous two picks, although it’s much lighter and more practical for everyday tasks.

Its maximum weight capacity is roughly 120 pounds; this cart does not particularly excel in this field of performance, although its size offers enough space for up to 2.5 ft³.

Just like the Mac Sports and Portal wagons, Whitsunday’s Park Utility Wagon rocks a set of four threaded wheels. They’re somewhat smaller than average, but their rugged construction, as well as the ability to swivel up to 360 degrees, makes them perfect for gardening.

Unlike Portal’s Garden Cart, Whitsunday’s wagon offers excellent maneuverability. Its main downside is not being able to handle super-rough terrains; you may want to consider some other model from our list if your garden is outfitted with big rock chunks.

Lastly, this cart is supplied with a highly adjustable telescopic handle that can reach up to 30 inches in height.


  • Dimensions: 29.13 inches by 18.5 inches by 18.5 inches;
  • Colors: Blue, Decamo, Purple, Yellow, Gray, Bubbles


  • Sturdy canvas construction
  • Convenient telescopic handle design
  • Swiveling 360-degree threaded plastic wheels
  • Mesh pockets on the sides
  • Very sturdy hardware


  • Inferior supportive capacity
  • A bit harder to clean

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A lightweight cart can be useful in any number of situations, especially for gardening. Being able to transport sharp tools on top of pounds of soil without worrying about the fabric giving out is not something many models can boast about. Whitsunday’s Collapsible Folding Park Utility Wagon can.

This gardening cart is equipped with a myriad of top-shelf features, but its light canvas construction takes the spotlight. On the downside, its supportive capacity isn’t exemplary, and it may require some extra scrubbing in terms of maintenance.

4. YSSOA Rolling Folding & Rolling Collapsible Garden Cart

If you’re on a budget and are looking for the best garden cart at a lower price point, you may want to consider YSSOA’s Rolling Folding & Rolling Collapsible Garden Cart.

Its stability is absolutely phenomenal, as it’s made of robust, rugged fabric material resistant to wear and skidding. Furthermore, it’s both spacious and durable enough to withstand up to 220 pounds of weight.

The maneuverability of YSSOA’s cart is terrific, mainly due to the fact that it comes supplied with heavily treaded tires. The treads are relatively shallow and are great for uneven surfaces, although they’ll lose some traction on rocky terrains. On the upside, they perform flawlessly on smooth surfaces due to their anti-slip design.

YSSOA’s cart can fold down to 6.5 inches of thickness, which makes it one of the smallest budget garden carts.


  • Dimensions: 34 inches by 24 inches by 21 inches;
  • Colors: Black


  • Exceptionally durable considering its price
  • Highly affordable
  • Excellent supportive capacity
  • Great maneuverability
  • Easy to fold


  • Doesn’t perform too well on rocky terrains
  • Its tiny wheels can’t pass as effortlessly over taller grass

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YSSOA’s Rolling Garden Cart may be what you’re after if you don’t want to spend too much on a wagon. It’s outfitted with some high-quality features, and its maximal capacity is beyond decent. Nevertheless, it’s still a low-end garden cart. It pales in comparison to our other picks as far as specs and performance, but it outshines most of its similarly priced counterparts.

5. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Wagon

If you liked our first pick, you’re probably going to love Mac Sports’ Heavy Duty All-Terrain Utility Wagon. Basically, this brand’s flagship model was heavily modified and reinforced, which gave way to this particular iteration. This is arguably the sturdiest, most dependable garden cart.

There aren’t many similarities between the two, though. The wheels on the Heavy-Duty cart are much bigger and offer better traction on practically all types of surfaces. This model is also the largest on the list, and surprisingly, it weighs almost the same as its predecessor.

Despite its bulk, its supportive capacity is actually inferior. It can transport up to approximately 150 pounds, which is identical to the Mac Sports’ collapsible folding utility wagon.

It’s made of the same material (600D Polyester Fabric), which is resistant to wear while being super simple to clean. Another notable similarity between the two Mac Sports models is that they both sport a foldable design with a telescopic handle.

This garden cart also has an integrated table and two side cup holders, which can be used to place most conventionally-sized beverage bottles.


  • Dimensions: 31.5 inches by 21.4 inches by 9.6 inches; 22 pounds
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red


  • Among the sturdiest garden carts on the market
  • Excellent supportive capacity
  • Made of 600 D Polyester Fabric material
  • Comes with an integrated table and two side cup holders
  • Foldable design
  • Admirable maneuverability


  • Fairly expensive

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And the Winner Is…

At the end of the day, Mac Sports’ Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All-Terrain Wagon earns our praise as the best garden cart available today. It encompasses everything a garden utility wagon should have to offer, including sturdiness, portability, and simple maintenance. Even though these benefits come at a price, this cart is certainly well worth the bucks.

Buyer’s Guide

Good and decent garden carts are dime a dozen, but the best garden cart models are hard to find if you don’t know what to look for. Aside from being able to carry heavier loads, the best wagon is also supposed to remain stable, no matter how uneven the terrain might be.

The fact is, most carts fail in certain aspects of performance. Either they’re portable but small, or big but unwieldy. Some are sturdy but hard to clean, while others require little to no maintenance, but don’t last longer than a year or two.

Let’s do a quick recap of the five best garden cart models in 2021:

Best Boutique Garden Cart: Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Wagon

If money’s not an issue for you, shoot for the Mac Sports Heavy-Duty Utility Wagon. Its only downside is the hefty price tag. It excels in every field of performance while offering exquisite features to boot.

Best Garden Cart for Gardeners on a Budget: YSSOA Rolling Folding Collapsible Garden Cart

Don’t want to invest more than a few hundreds of dollars in the top garden cart? Well, you don’t have to, especially if gardening is just a casual hobby for you. YSSOA’s Garden Cart is an excellent choice, as its affordability casts a long shadow over its shortcomings.

Best Lightweight Garden Cart: Whitsunday Collapsible Folding Garden Outdoor Park Utility Wagon

Whitsunday’s Park Utility Wagon is a lightweight cart that will help you with most of your gardening chores without fatiguing you as much as its bulkier counterparts. It’s well-rounded and sturdy, although it’s harder to clean.

Most Versatile Garden Cart: Portal Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

Great for grocery shopping, towing kids, and transporting anything and everything within its maximal load limit, Portal’s wagon is the Jack of all trades in this niche. Even though it may not excel in any particular field of performance, it’s not lacking in any, either.

Most Durable Garden Cart: Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Finally, if you want to make sure that your garden cart holds for more than a few years, you may want to consider Mac Sports’ Collapsible Utility Wagon. Aside from being tough as nails, it’s also surprisingly simple to clean and maintain.


At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which wagon is the best garden cart on the market. Each model brings different benefits to the table, just like every gardener puts value in different aspects of performance. We hope you’ve liked our selection and wish you a good harvest!

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