5 Best Kitchen Compost Bins

Composting is a lot easier when you have the proper tools, like a kitchen compost bin.

Despite our best intentions, we sometimes throw food scraps in the trash because we don’t want to deal with fruit flies or walking out to the compost pile.

When you have a compost bin on your kitchen counter, you’ll have no reason to throw your food waste in the trash!

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Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

If you’re looking for a chic yet functional compost bin, look no further than the EPICA Stainless Steel Compost Bin. Its simple and sleek design will seamlessly fit into even the most stylish kitchens.

Not only is this compost bin appealing to the eye, but it also works well at controlling odors due to an activated charcoal filter. While the filter may need to be replaced after a few months of use, replacement filters are inexpensive and easy to insert.

The bin’s 1.3-gallon capacity makes it small enough to sit on a counter, yet large enough to hold a few days’ worth of food scraps. To protect the metal from acidic substances and liquids, it’s best to line the bin with a compostable bag.


  • The charcoal filter works great at keeping odors in the bin and out of your kitchen
  • A secure top makes sure all insects stay out
  • No welded points mean no areas for rust to build-up
  • The molded stainless steel design makes the bin easy to clean
  • Stainless steel will last a lifetime — no need to worry about breaking the bin
  • The carrying handle makes it easy to transport food scraps out to your compost pile
  • It’s easy to remove the lid with one hand


  • Liquids and acidic substances can corrode and rust the steel
  • Fruit flies can lay eggs in the filter and remain after you remove food scraps

Technical Specifications

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Compost Bin

What makes this kitchen compost bin different from the others is its ventilated design. Air enters through holes in the bottom of the bin, goes through a filter, and then exits through the top. Not only does this help control odors, but it also helps manage moisture in the bin.

The bin is made from durable plastic, and it includes a stainless-steel carrying handle

The bin has a one-gallon capacity, which is a bit small.


  • The flip-top lid is easy to lift, and the attached design ensures you don’t lose it
  • The ventilated design and odor filter help minimize smells
  • At only a gallon in size, this bin can fit in even the smallest kitchens
  • The unit is sturdy and won’t topple over or crack
  • Acidic foods like tomatoes and lemons won’t damage the plastic


  • Fruit flies can enter through the air holes in the bin and lay eggs in the food waste and filter

Technical Specifications


The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen Compost Bin

This bin includes an external steel bin, a plastic liner bucket, and a lid with a built-in filter. The exterior bin is off white and the interior bucket is black.

The outer steel bin provides an attractive look and sturdy design. Just be aware that the color has a slight green tint. The easy to remove the inner bucket eliminates the need for liner bags, although you are still welcome to use them for easy transport of food scraps.

The liner bucket also prevents food waste and liquids from coming into contact with the steel exterior. This prevents the metal from rusting or corroding.

At only 0.8 gallons, this bin is very small, and you’ll have to empty it often.


  • You can open the bin with one hand to quickly add food scraps
  • The interior bucket prevents the exterior metal bucket from rusting
  • The interior bucket is easy to remove and clean
  • Both the interior and exterior bins have handles, allowing you to easily move both parts
  • The odor filter help minimize unwelcome smells


  • The lid has a loose fit which allows bugs to enter and odors to exit
  • Fruit flies can lay eggs on the filter

Technical specifications


OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin

This kitchen compost bin is one of the bigger ones at 1.75 gallons, making it perfect if you do a lot of cooking and don’t want to take your bin out every day. This is also one of the more simply designed bins on this list.

The bin has a basic design with a flip-top lid you can open with one hand. Since the lid is attached, you don’t have to worry about losing it. However, you can easily remove the lid for emptying the bin or cleaning. The design of this bin is a bit like a flip-top garbage can.

This bin doesn’t have an air filter, but smells aren’t a problem if you regularly empty the scraps.


  • The lid is easy to open with one hand
  • No air filter means that you don’t have to worry about fruit flies laying eggs in the filter
  • The removable lid makes it easy to empty the bin
  • Since there are no holes in the bin, fruit flies stay out
  • The 1.75-gallon size can handle more waste than smaller bins


  • The handle is known to detach from the bin

Technical Specifications


This one-gallon bin is made from powder-coated carbon steel and sports a rustic look. The lid includes a charcoal filter which you should change every 8-12 weeks. A simple metal handle allows you to remove the lid with one hand.

Since the steel is powder-coated, you don’t have to worry about putting food scraps directly into the bin. After you empty the bin, it’s easy to wash it in the sink with soap and water. However, compostable bags make removing the bin’s contents even easier.

The bin can hold up to a gallon of food scraps, so be prepared to empty it every few days.


  • The lid fits securely on the bin, keeping out insects
  • The simple design is easy to clean
  • The charcoal filter keeps odors at bay
  • The powder-coated steel resists rusts and corrosion
  • Its sturdy design holds up well with use


  • The lid handle sometimes falls off

Technical Specifications

What to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Compost Bin


What size bin do you need?

Think about what size bin will best suit your needs and available space.

If your kitchen is super small, a small bin might be all you can fit on your counter.

Along with your available space, think about how much food waste you produce and how often you want to empty your bin. If you produce a lot of fruit and veggie scraps, a larger bin will better meet your needs. A larger bin will also serve you well if you don’t like the thought of emptying the bin every day.

Do you want a filter?

Odor filters take in air and purify it, which reduces unpleasant smells. They’re often made of charcoal. While these filters do help reduce off-putting smells, they have some downfalls.

If fruit flies enter your compost bin, they often lay eggs in the filter. Even if you empty the food waste from your bin, the eggs will still remain in the filter and soon hatch. Therefore, you’ll need to clean or replace your filter if you notice eggs. If you don’t, you’ll be dealing with a steady stream of fruit flies.

You’ll also have to replace the filter every few months, which is a cost to consider.

What material do you want?

Kitchen compost bins are usually made of plastic, metal, or a combination of the two. Both materials are sturdy and last for years if the product is well made.

Plastic is made from fossil fuels, which you might not be thrilled about. However, metal can rust and corrode over time if it comes into contact with liquids or acidic substances.

What features are must-haves?

While these bins might just seem light glorified pots, each one is a bit different.

Before you settle on a specific bin, consider if you want a bin that you can open with one hand, put in the dishwasher, or carry with a handle.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make composting your kitchen scraps a more seamless process, a kitchen compost bin is essential. While each model accomplishes the same goal — holding food scraps — they all vary.

Before you buy a bin, consider how much waste you’ll be producing and what features are important to you. After answering those questions, choose from one of these five proven winners.