Can Bread Go in Compost? Find Out If It’s Safe

Can Bread Go in Compost

Compost is a valuable resource for gardeners. It can improve soil quality and make it more suitable for planting. Since it consists of everyday organic items, many people like to make their own compost instead of purchasing it. Can bread go in compost? The short answer is yes, but this is one of the most debated questions in the composting community.

Why You Should Compost Bread

The reason is obvious. Bread is an organic material full of nutrients that are essential for soil enrichment and plant growth. Bread doesn’t hinder the composting process or slow things down. Unlike dairy, it doesn’t cause imbalances in the mixture, either.

Bread also goes stale quickly and is one of the most common foods wasted globally. With over 40% of food ending up in landfills, any opportunity to prevent waste and reuse food as compost should be encouraged.

Why You Shouldn’t Compost Bread

Those against composting bread argue that it unnecessarily attracts rodents and pests to your compost pile. If you just started composting and are still learning the basics, you risk getting grossed out. If someone tells me that my new hobby will attract rats and other pests to my house, you’ll see me screaming and running the other way.

In a nutshell, that’s the biggest reason why some avoid composting bread. However, with a little preparation, you can deter unwanted guests from your compost bin. How? Read on.

The Best Way to Incorporate Bread in Your Compost

  • Use the proper tools: While composting can be performed naturally, using proper tools can help you speed up the process. For food scraps, kitchen compost bins are an excellent choice since they’re safe, effective, and convenient.
  • Ensure that your compost is completely covered up: Covering up your compost with sawdust, dry leaves, or other items can help you speed up the decomposition process and cut off access to icky pests.
  • Dig into the center of your compost bin: You can cover your bread pieces from all sides to speed up the decomposition process while masking the scent of bread.
  • Cut the bread into smaller pieces: Cutting those bread chunks into smaller pieces is another excellent way of expediting the decomposition of bread.
  • Use stale bread: Some users report that keeping stale bread in plastic bags until it gets moldy results in better compost, in turn discouraging pests.

Can Bread Go in Compost: Our Final Thoughts

Beginners working on composting for the first time often get confused about the things they can use. Questions like ‘can bread go in compost?’ have no final, absolute answer. It all depends on the situation. If you already have a pest problem, we recommend not doing it. However, if you take preventative measures against pests, you can easily compost bread or any other food item.

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