Composting Advice

Trench Composting Clay Soil

Trench Composting Clay Soil: What are the Benefits?

If you’re dealing with heavy clay soil, you’re always looking for a way to make your ground a little more suitable for growing plants. One option to improve your native soil is trench composting clay soil.

Is Cotton Burr Compost Safe

Is Cotton Burr Compost Safe?

If you’re interested in cotton burr compost, you might have heard others express concerns about this product’s safety. Before long, you find yourself wondering “is cotton burr compost safe?”

Cotton Burr Compost Or Mushroom Compost

Cotton Burr Compost or Mushroom Compost?

When it comes time to add a boost of organic matter to the soil, you might find yourself wondering whether you should use cotton burr compost or mushroom compost. While both of these materials will add organic matter and improve soil health, they do have some differences.

Compost Vs. Topsoil For New Lawn

Compost vs. Topsoil for New Lawn: What to Consider

When it comes time to plant some grass seed in your outdoor space, you might realize the native soil isn’t the best material for a thriving, green lawn. Before you add any inputs to your soil, it’s a good idea to learn about compost vs. topsoil for new lawn, since these are two of the most popular lawn additions.

How To Speed Up Composting

How to Speed Up Composting

Are you having trouble getting your compost to mature in the shortest possible time? If you’re wondering how to speed up composting, stick around, because in this article you will be learning ways to quicken the organic process. All it takes is some good practice! At the end of this read, your composting skills will improve dramatically!