Tired of Rats in Your Compost? Fight Rodent Infestation with an Effective Rat Proof Compost Bin

Tired of Rats in Your Compost

Composting comes with a lot of catches, and the biggest one is probably the rats and other unwelcome pests you have to deal with. Many composters complain that pests start to feast on their food scraps before they even become compost. Rodent infestations also get trickier to deal with as time goes on and the colony of moochers grows and expands out from your yard.

From the foundation of your house to your kitchen and even the walls, rats can lurk anywhere and make your life a nightmare. Ew, right? But don’t let that discourage you. Composting is awesome, and with a few tweaks and tricks, your pest problems will be a thing of the past.

A rat proof compost bin is an effective composting tool that can eliminate this problem before it even starts. With no easy access to food in the area, rats won’t build their little homes near yours and you’ll be spared all the issues that come with a rodent infestation. It’s a win-win situation that lets you dive deep into your gardening hobby without worry.

The Best Rat Proof Compost Bin You Can Find

Rats by nature settle in a convenient location with easy access to food and a lot of hiding spots. Open compost bins can create an excellent environment for any rat colony to start putting down roots. Once they have easy access to food from the compost bin, they’ll create a bunch of hiding spots in your backyard and home.

By restricting access to the compost, you’ll deprive the pests of their primary food source. This will obviously force them to look out for a more hospitable location and stay away from your house.

For your convenience, we collected a list of products that lay claim to being the best rat-proof compost bin on the market. All these options are extremely effective and have little to no drawbacks as far as rats and pests are concerned.

Just keep your goals realistic and remember that no compost bin can be 100% rat-proof. They’ll all have some sort of weakness that pests might capitalize on. Especially rats, who are clever little things. In most cases, however, you’ll be well-protected.

Ready to dive in? Let’s take a look at the best rat-proof compost bins available today.

1. Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost bin

A classic option that comes with all the features you might expect from a quality product, the Algreen Soil Saver Compost Bin is designed to provide the best overall performance without any foul smells or other associated problems of composting.

A common and annoying issue with compost bins designed to prevent pest access is that the compost itself becomes hard to extract. The entire process becomes messier and takes up a ton of time. The Algreen helps you avoid that issue. It features easy-to-open sliding doors that are super simple to manage. The compost access comes with lock handles, so wildlife doesn’t get access to the content inside and your compost stays secure and accessible to you.

Another excellent feature of the Algreen Soil Saver is its durable structure. The BPA-Free material has enough thickness to tolerate external impact and facilitate decomposition.


  • BPA-Free durable material
  • Self-watering lid with locks to prevent animal access
  • Two sliding doors
  • Total capacity: 94 Gallons


  • Compost production in 6-8 weeks
  • Up to 30% saving on curbside pickup and other expenses
  • Easier access to compost via a sliding door
  • Pest-proof design


  • May leave stains on concrete and other floors
  • Does not have a bottom

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2. Redmon Since 1883 8000 Compost 65 Gallon bin

The Redmon is a perfect choice for a small scale gardener who needs a compact and effective solution in the form of a rat-proof compost bin. The bin has a durable body with appropriately placed holes to allow airflow. All of these holes are covered by mesh, so rodents and other pests can’t get access to the content inside.

For the user’s convenience, the Redmon compost bin comes with an easy-to-use lid that snaps on top of the bin and cuts off access. Similarly, assembling the entire thing is surprisingly simple. The manufacturer even includes easy-to-understand instructions, so you can successfully assemble and start using it.

Once your compost is prepared, extracting it from the bin is also a simple procedure. The bin comes with access doors on all four sides. So, you can easily retrieve the prepared compost and use it in your garden.


  • The total capacity of 65 Gallons
  • UV stabilized material
  • Trapezoid shape
  • Available in black color


  • Convenient to fill and extract
  • Access doors on all sides
  • Mesh on holes and strong lid to prevent wildlife access
  • Extremely durable construction


  • No bottom
  • Weak anchors

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3. Garden Composter Bin Made from Recycled Plastic by DF OMER

The third listing by DF OMER is an optimal choice for the most serious gardeners with a large space and more ambitious compost requirements. The total capacity is a whopping 110 gallons with an option to increase the size even more. You’ll love this compost bin because it has of all the features you need, and it comes in a jumbo size.

With a larger composter, you’ll need more items like grass, food waste, and other compostable material. Adding them to the bin won’t be a hassle because this composter comes with a large opening on the top. Simply open it and you’ll be able to easily dump huge portions in one go.

Retrieving the prepared compost is also a piece of cake for this composter. There are sliding doors at the bottom that can give you easy access and allow convenient extraction.

Now, how about the design? This composter has an attractive and functional design that allows smooth aeration and protects the inside content from pests and rodents. The bin works perfectly all season and prepares the compost in 4-6 weeks. In summers and areas with warmer climates, the results would be even faster.


  • 110 gallon capacity
  • A large opening on the top with sliding doors
  • Available with a volume extender
  • Two-year warranty


  • Effective results all year long
  • Perfect for food waste because of inherent protection against pests
  • High-quality durable material
  • Made with premium recycled materials


  • Hard to assemble
  • Requires you cut the bottom door opening before using it

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4. ECOgardener Garden Compost Bin

The EcoGardener compost bin makes composting convenient for you without compromising on functionality. The bin comes with pre-fabricated locking systems that assemble the entire thing in a matter of minutes without calling for any kind of tools on your end. You’ll also appreciate how sturdy the design is. The environment-friendly plastic is 100% recycled and can last for several years.

When it comes to functionality, the EcoGardener earns full marks in every category that matters. Starting from user convenience to the rate of developing compost, this bin will perform as well as any top-notch option you can find on the market.

This bin comes with a snap-on lid to prevent any access to the content inside. For airflow, the vents are tapered and have a small opening, so no pesky little critter can reach the content inside and get encouraged to settle nearby.


  • Black and green colors
  • The capacity of 80 Gallons
  • Made from durable plastic


  • One of the most convenient assembly options on this list
  • Can last for years
  • Snap-on lid for easier refilling
  • Sliding door for better access


  • Difficult to shift compost
  • Slightly thinner than other options

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5. SUBPOD Compost Bin Outdoor. in-Garden, Composting System & Worm Farm

Subpod presents one of the most unique compost bins that eliminates all the obstacles gardeners face while making their compost. The product shines with an underground design that keeps the compost closer to the ground and allows you to place the bin anywhere.

Usually, people keep their compost bins in shady corners and similar locations where rats, too, feel welcome to settle in. The Subpod can be placed anywhere to make it less accessible for wildlife.

Despite being buried in the ground, the Subpod composter comes with ventilation holes to prevent any foul smell in your garden. It earns extra points because it also doubles as a worm farm that allows worms to aerate the compost — just like being in a forest.


  • Doubles as a compost bin and worm farm
  • Underground design
  • Available in brown color
  • Comes with all the composting instructions on the lid


  • Can store up to 15 kg of food waste
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Proper ventilation to prevent foul smell
  • Faster decomposition process
  • Bottom and other features to prevent rodent access


  • Slightly expensive

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Other Ways to Rat-Proof Your Compost Bin

Other than investing in a rat-proof compost bin, there are many additional steps you can take to prevent a rodent infestation.

We already discussed that no compost bin can be 100% rat-proof. Rats are versatile creatures and can find a way around any situation, just give them enough time. By controlling the environment and addressing all the weaknesses in your backyard from a rat’s point of view, you can be relatively safe.

Some of the actions you can take to effectively curb the risks of rat infestation are:

Restrict Access

Rats are creatures of habit that need easy and reliable access to food before settling down in an area and inviting all their little friends to join them. By restricting their access to the compost bin, you can create hurdles for any rat thinking about making a permanent settlement near your home.

Keep the Compost Bin in an Open Space

Another excellent way to stop rats from accessing your compost bin is to keep it in an open space with a lot of disturbances. Because of the smell and look of the compost bin, people keep them in dark corners that are perfect environments for rodents. Open spaces discourage rats from crossing all that scary open space to their food source, so they may go and settle somewhere safer.

Note that this is only the case for one or two rats. Once the infestation grows and they’re in greater numbers, simply shifting the bin wouldn’t work at all.

Eliminate Potential Hideouts In Your Backyard

Take a look at your backyard from a rat’s point of view. There will be many areas that can be a perfect hiding spot. Hidden bushes, flowers, bird feeders, and other similar spaces are a perfect place for a rat. Eliminate those hiding spots and your backyard will look less welcoming.

Avoid Putting Cooked Food or Bread Pieces in your Compost

One way to eliminate the rat issue is to avoid putting food in the compost bin altogether. Without regular food sources, rats will naturally avoid settling down in your area. Even if that’s not completely practical, you can at least refrain from putting things with a strong smell (cheese, eggshells) in the compost bin.

Get a Compost Tumbler

Finally, a compost tumbler can be an effective measure against rodents and other pests. Characteristically, these creatures like to remain undisturbed and a compost tumbler are super disruptive. You also don’t need to worry about shifting the compost — win win.

Final Thoughts

Composting is a rewarding hobby to learn, especially for gardening enthusiasts, and has plenty of environmental benefits to make it worth your while. With so much food getting wasted in landfills, reusing it while also improving your gardens is a good, noble goal for anyone.

However, composting can create annoying problems for you, as well. One of them might be a rodent infestation. Think about it: you’re literally putting food out for rats and other pests. Before it turns into compost after several weeks, anything you throw in the bin is nothing short of an easy treat for those creatures.

Investing in a high-quality rat proof compost bin is one of the many effective measures you can take to prevent pests. Through vigilance and strict precautions, you can continue composting without worry.

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